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Public Tax Sale Information

Public Delinquent Tax Sale List Provided by Nebraska Taxes Online

Investors must understand the process of purchasing tax sale certificates. There are some risks involved. When purchasing a certificate you are purchasing delinquent taxes, not the property. You must hold that certificate and pay subsequent taxes each year as they become delinquent for three years. If the homeowner does not redeem that certificate by the end of three years, you will have six months to foreclose on the property. It is highly advised to seek legal counsel at the maturity of your certificates.

Sale Time and Date:
Scotts Bluff County Tax Sale is held the first Monday in March each year at 9:00 A.M. at the Scotts Bluff County Administration Building, top floor (location subject to change), 1825 10th Street, Gering, NE.

Scotts Bluff County advertises in the Star Herald three consecutive weeks in February prior to the sale and online at

Registration Fee:
A $25.00 registration fee must accompany a Scotts Bluff County Tax Lien Sale registration form no later than the Thursday before the first Monday in March. One bidder cannot bid for more than one company.

Sale Procedure:
Investors agree to buy the liens for the delinquent tax amounts interest and advertising plus any other delinquent tax assessed to each parcel. NE Statute 77-702. The number drawn shall represent the order in which each investor may bid. Each round shall consist of one choice per bidder; he may purchase or pass. Should they pass the parcel will be offered to the next bidder each time until that parcel is purchased, continuing on with each parcel until all parcels are sold.

Cashier checks or money orders may be used for payment of certificates purchased. A personal check will be accepted only if the investor has a letter of credit from their banking institution. A $20.00 fee is charged for each certificate sold. There will be an additional $20.00 fee for any re-assignment of certificates. We will hold your certificates in our office for safekeeping and send payment when redeemed for faster turn around of your funds should you request us to do so.

Legal Advice:
Nebraska statutes 77-1801 thru 77-1941 covers all aspects of buying and foreclosing on tax sale certificates. You must consult with an attorney for any legal advice. The Scotts Bluff County Treasurers office will not provide any guidance or legal advice pertaining to tax sale certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I purchase a tax sale certificate?

  • Delinquent taxes are advertised the first three weeks in February, Public sale opens first Monday in March at 9:00 a.m. Public sale closes when all parcels are offered for sale, then all delinquent taxes are offered for sale under Private Tax Sale.
  • Redemption time is three years.
  • Interest rate is 14%
  • During the life of the certificate, subsequent taxes must be paid as they become delinquent.
  • You are responsible for your own process when certificates mature.
  • Private, public, and county tax sale certificates may be assigned. 
  • We do not allow purchases via fax or telephone.
  • The purchaser must research his/her own information to purchase.
  • Personal checks will be accepted if a Letter of Credit from your Bank has been provided. Otherwise, payment must be made in the form of Cashier's Check or Money Order.
  • If paying by check, please provide a Blank Check, the total amount of your purchase will be filled in and a copy will be mailed to you.
  • Tax amounts do not include interest. Interest will be figured to the date the certificate is taken out.

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