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The Tourism Director is responsible for promoting and supporting tourism in Scotts Bluff County. The Tourism Director is also responsible for development and implementation of programs to market Scotts Bluff County as an attractive destination for conventions and tourism trade.

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Director Brenda Leisy

Brenda Leisy


Scotts Bluff County Area Visitors Bureau
2930 Old Oregon Trail
Gering, NE 69341

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Closed through the lunch hour
Closed Weekends and Holidays


308 633-1808 - Main
800 788-9475

Brenda Leisy - Director



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Local Grant Applications

Local Improvement Grant Application

Apply to the Scotts Bluff County Tourism Committee for a grant to cover half the cost of your improvement!

Local Promotional Grant Application

Apply to the Scotts Bluff County Tourism Committee for a grant to cover half the cost of your entire promotion!

Remember, this grant is only for promotion, any type of capital construction will not be considered under this promotion grant program. Promotion would include printing & distributing of brochures, or paid advertising. But always remember, a majority of the brochures (51%), or a majority of advertising (51%) must be outside a 100 mile radius. (The below example is for a brochure printing, Print, TV, or Radio advertising would work the same way)

In the grant application, provide a proposed budget for the printing and distribution of the brochure (go to a print company for quotes), indicate how and where you will be distributing the brochures, indicate any in-kind costs (time spent can be up to 25% of entire grant), and be ready to present your proposal at the following Tourism Committee meeting held on the third Wednesday of each month. A mockup of the proposed brochure would greatly assist the committee in evaluating your proposal. At least 10 days before the next meeting, take 3 copies of the completed Grant application to the County Clerk’s office at 1825 10th St. in Gering (Administration Building, main floor) and ask to present your project at the next meeting. The Clerk’s office will know of any changes in meeting times or place and add your presentation to the committee’s agenda.

The Clerk distributes the grants to the Grant Committee who reviews them and makes a recommendation to the Scotts Bluff County Tourism Committee at the following meeting.

Here is an example of calculating in-kind costs and determining the maximum amount of your request: Suppose your printing plus distribution costs are $900. Dividing by three = $300 which is the maximum your in-kind costs could add up to (for example, volunteer time for design of brochure: 10 hours @ $10 per hour = $100, plus volunteer time spent delivering brochures: 10 hours @ $10 per hour = $100, plus a generous donation from the printer = $100 for a total of $300). This makes the entire project cost $1200, so your application could be for a maximum of 1/2 of $1200, or $600. A letter from your organization verifying time spent on the project will be sufficient proof of In-kind costs.

The county will reimburse your costs using copies of the paid receipts you submit from the project.

Important Reminder: Please remember that all paid receipts must be submitted to the County Clerk within 60 days after your project has been completed or you will not be reimbursed.

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