Scotts Bluff County - Register of Deeds

Notice: Potential SCAM Targeting Property Owners

Scotts Bluff County officials recently became aware of a potential "scam" which targets people who own property. Notices are being sent to property owners containing detailed information about the property, such as parcel identification number, square feet, and sales price. The notice then goes on to state that for a fee (usually more than $80.00) the property owner can obtain a certified copy of the deed and property assessment profile. The impression is given that the property owner needs to obtain these documents to "prove" ownership of the property. The property owner is then instructed to contact the company by telephone and request the deed and property assessment profile. The company then requires the property owner to provide a credit card number so that the owner can be billed for this service. The Scotts Bluff County Assessor and Register of Deeds would like to notify property owners that these same documents can be obtained from their respective offices for a small fee, usually less than $5.00. To obtain a copy of your property assessment profile, contact the Assessor at (308) 436-6627. To obtain a copy of your deed, contact the Register of Deeds at (308) 436-6607. Both offices have this information available at NO COST on the Scotts Bluff County website: Assessor and Register Deeds.

All documents recorded in the Register of Deeds office are public record. Therefore, copies of any recorded documents are available to view or purchase.

Updated: 2014.08.07 - 8:00 MDT