Scotts Bluff County - Sheriff's Office

Outstanding Warrants - J

ASSLT = Assault
DOM ASSLT = Domestic Assault
DUI = Driving Under the Influence
DUS = Driving Under Suspension
DWI = Driving While Intoxicated
FTA = Failure to Appear
FTP = Failure to Pay
MIP = Minor in Possession
POSS = Possession
PROB = Probation
REG = Registration
SPEED = Speeding
Outstanding Warrants - J
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Name Case No Sex Birth Date Charge(s)
Jaime, Tiffany JV12-79 F 11/23/1996 Violate Probation MIP
Jaime, Tiffany JV12-153 F 11/23/1996 Violate Probation Poss MJ or K2
Janis, Edward D Jr CR13-1078 M 09/10/1994 FTA DUS
Janis, Edward D Jr CR13-1761 M 09/10/1994 FTP DUS
Janis, Edward D Jr CR13-1944 M 09/10/1994 FTA DUS
Janis, George CR12-716 M 01/25/1965 FTA DUS, Poss/Consume Open Alcohol Container
Janis, Tonya J CR08-2217 F 07/13/1983 FTP DOM
Janis, Tonya J CR08-3077 F 07/13/1983 FTP DUS
Janis, Tonya J CR12-74 F 07/13/1983 FTA DUS
Janis, Tonya J CR12-490 F 07/13/1983 FTA DUS
Janis, Tonya J CR13-1264 F 07/13/1983 FTA DOM
Janis, Tonya J CR14-117 F 07/13/1983 Viol Protection Order
Jaso, Guadalupe CR08-663 M 05/30/1980 FTP Drive During Revocation
Jaso, Guadalupe CR08-1277 M 05/30/1980 FTP Drive During Revocation
Jaso, Guadalupe CR08-2565 M 05/30/1980 FTP DUS
Jelinek, Ryan CR12-1075 M 10/28/1993 FTP Larceny
Jimenez, Isaac A CR07-2594 M 09/16/1984 FTP DUS
Jochem, Ashley CR14-252 M 11/16/1984 FTA No Park Permit
Johnson, Aaron M CR11-1480 M 08/17/1979 Theft Poss Stolen Firearm
Johnson, Nicholas Alan CR12-638 M 06/02/1983 FTA Speeding
Johnson, Richard Lee Jr CR11-106 M 07/01/1966 Burglary
Johnson, Thomas Henry Jr CR12-2276 M 09/07/1963 FTA No Valid Registration
Jones, Willie CR08-2695 M 06/30/1954 FTP Open Container
Jones, Wynter L CR10-1905 M 10/06/1990 FTP Theft Disturb Peace
Judd, Alfonso E CR13-2034 M 02/28/1987 FTP Theft
Judd, Veronica CR12-2431 M 12/13/1989 FTP Larceny