Scotts Bluff County - Sheriff's Office

Outstanding Warrants - A

ASSLT = Assault
DOM ASSLT = Domestic Assault
DUI = Driving Under the Influence
DUS = Driving Under Suspension
DWI = Driving While Intoxicated
FTA = Failure to Appear
FTP = Failure to Pay
MIP = Minor in Possession
POSS = Possession
PROB = Probation
REG = Registration
SPEED = Speeding
Outstanding Warrants - A
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Name Case No Sex Birth Date Charge(s)
Acevedo, Sylvia CR15-2160 F 6/23/1963 FTA Theft Shoplifting
Aguayo, Alexandrea CR16-2008 M 03/23/1998 FTA No License
Alfaro, Eric CR15-1962 M 02/19/1992 2 Cts Dist of Control Sub - METH, Oxycodone
Allan, Nickolas TR16-51 M 10/06/1991 FTA No License
Allen, Waylan J CR14-148 M 01/06/1996 Attempted Burglary
Alsidez, Guadalupe CR13-1016 M 09/10/1976 FTA DUS
Anaya, Abel TR15-2346 M 08/03/1996 FTA Speeding
Apel, Jessica J JV15-327 F 10/22/1998 Juvenile Truant
Arriaga, Aurelio CR16-1179 M 12/08/1995 FTP No Proof Insurance
Arriaga, Aurelio CR16-1262 M 12/08/1995 FTP Unlawful Entry Park
Atkinson, Andrew CR16-1741 M 10/07/1997 Burglary
Atkinson, Randy G. CI96-9003148 M 03/10/1971 FTA Nonpayment Child Support