Scotts Bluff County - Sheriff's Office

Outstanding Warrants - A

ASSLT = Assault
DOM ASSLT = Domestic Assault
DUI = Driving Under the Influence
DUS = Driving Under Suspension
DWI = Driving While Intoxicated
FTA = Failure to Appear
FTP = Failure to Pay
MIP = Minor in Possession
POSS = Possession
PROB = Probation
REG = Registration
SPEED = Speeding
Outstanding Warrants - A
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Name Case No Sex Birth Date Charge(s)
Aberle, Kassi CR11-795 F 03/21/1992 FTP Willful Reckless Driving
Acosta, Josue CR09-388 M 01/27/1983 FTP Open Alcohol Container
Acosta, Josue CR12-2395 M 01/27/1983 FTP Trespassing
Acosta, Michael CR12-333 M 01/16/1987 FTP Assault
Acosta, Michael CR12-1754 M 01/16/1987 FTP No Operators License
Addleman, Roxanne C CR14-148 F 07/16/1974 FTA No Proof Insurance
Aguirre, Jorge L CR13-1942 M 09/15/1989 FTT DUS,NO Valid Registration,Fail use Seatbelt
Aguirre-Valdez, Maurillo CR12-1815 M 02/23/1986 FTA Speeding, No Operators License
Alcantar-Fernandez, Juan CR11-1115 M 07/31/1985 FTA Sentencing Possession of Control Substance - Meth
Alejandro, Ivan CR12-2063 M 06/01/1978 FTA Lights Inoperable
Almaraz, Jose M CR13-249 M 07/06/1979 FTA DUS No Valid Registration
Alsidez, Guadalupe CR13-1016 M 09/10/1976 FTP DUS
Alvarado, Telesforo CR07-2484 M 05/22/1965 FTP Criminal Trespass
American Horse, Billi CR10-354 M 02/19/1989 FTP DUI
Amescua, Jose CR10-1501 M 07/09/1979 FTA DUS
Anaya, Ana L CR08-1090 F 10/18/1986 FTP DUS
Anaya, Joseph CR07-2513 M 10/07/1984 FTP DUS
Anaya, Joseph CR07-2804 M 10/07/1984 FTP Dog at Large
Anaya, Joseph CR11-569 M 10/07/1984 FTP Larceny
Anaya, Joseph CR12-2546 M 10/07/1984 FTP Larceny
Anaya, Joseph CR13-1704 M 10/07/1984 FTP Theft Shoplifting
Anaya, Luis CR09-2152 M 04/10/1989 FTP MIP
Ancira, Rebecca L CR09-2588 F 12/02/1981 FTP Poss MJ
Anderson, Michael CR10-1593 M 02/07/1966 FTP No Liability Insurance
Andis, Joseph A CR09-2504 M 12/20/1978 FTP Drive During Revocation
Andress, Christina L CR11-2316 F 10/18/1986 FTP FTA
Arellano, Sandy E CR12-512 F 03/29/1983 FTP DUI
Arellano, Sandy E CR13-2405 F 03/29/1983 FTP DUS
Armijo, Katrina CR12-694 F 05/11/1990 FTP Procure Sell Alcohol
Arrellano, Adrian CR10-1650 M 06/01/1990 FTA Fail to Signal
Arreola, Dario CR11-2322 M 12/07/1984 FTP DUI 15+
Arreola, Luis CR11-2174 M 11/19/1974 Sexual Assault
Arroyo, Alejandro CR12-2439 M 05/10/1977 Terroristic Threats, Protection Order Violation
Arroyo, Ramon Reyes CR12-1492 M 08/10/1985 FTA No Operators License
Atkinson, Randy G. CI96-9003148 M 03/10/1971 FTA Nonpayment Child Support
Austin, Katelyn Dawn CR12-2264 F 09/21/1991 FTA Fail to Yield, Fail to Use Seat Belt
Ayala, Jimena CR09-2605 F 11/17/1990 FTP MIP